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The #1 Senior Adult Concern is:

Not having enough money!

Two things you have no power over:

1. Taxes

2. Inflation

AARP says this about inflation: “Inflation is the reason why only 2% of those retired on a fixed income can continue their standard of living.”

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Benefits of Annuities

• Tax Deferred Growth- Tax deferral means tax diminished

• Safety- Principal Guaranteed

• Avoid Probate- Funds go directly to your heirs

• Income- Life time income, income that can never be outlived

• Estate Planning- Annuities can protect assets

• Interest Income- Remove the interest as income and keep your original deposit intact

• Death Benefit- Immediate and full value to your beneficiary

• Access- 4 ways to access your money. Interest, 10% free withdrawals, annuitization, and death

Call our office if you are interesting in any of the Following:

• Preparing for retirement

• Preserving assets in retirement

• Potential Increased returns

• Transferring assets to beneficiaries

• Estate planning with Tax Advantage Resources

• Rolling over a IRA, 401K, 403b, TSA, or another Annuity

• Annuities

• Life Insurance

• Income for Life

Ask yourself these 2 questions

1. What is the purpose of your money, certificate of deposits, investments, mutual funds, and stock?

2. What would you like it to accomplish?

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