Medicare Advantage Plans in Nevada

Medicare Advantage plans in Nevada are dominated by United Health Care. United Health care bought Sierra Health insurance in 2009 and in doing so they bought the largest health insurer in the state of Nevada.

Senior Dimensions

Senior Dimensions is a division of Sierra that focuses on Medicare Advantage Plans in Nevada. They offer HMO, POS, and PPO plans. These plans cost the seniors that are age of 65 $0 a month. The plans allow for variations of co-payments in and out of network doctors and Medicare Part D drug coverage.

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Additional Benefits:

In 2012 additional benefits include rides to and from home to Doctor’s office, vision, dental, hearing, and centers that are dedicated to serving senior adults. Also Sierra has worked hard on relationships to offer $2 drug co-payments for certain common drugs at large pharmacies. No wonder Sierra is currently rated a 4 star rated company.

Advantage Plans in Nevada are all inclusive plans meaning they cover Part A, B, and D benefits. You still need to pay for Part B in order to receive these features and benefits. If you just moved into the service area you are eligible to sign up for a new plan in Nevada. Again, the plan premiums will cost you $0 a month and you can choose a plan that will work best for you.

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HMO Plan:

The HMO plan will cost you less when it comes to Dr.’s visits, hospitalization, and specialist services. Sierra is the largest HMO in the state of Nevada and they have an extensive network of Doctors. If you want to save money the HMO plan is the way to go.

POS Plan:

The Point of Service plan combines the HMO plan with a PPO plan. You can use network doctors and still save on co-pays and cost sharing. You will save more money than a traditional PPO plan while still getting quality care.

PPO Plan:

While Sierra is known for its’ HMO and POS plans, they do offer a true PPO Plan. You can go to any Doctor in or out of Network without needing a referral. However, you will pay more in cost sharing and co-pays.

HumannaMedicare Advantage Plans in Nevada are also offered by Humana. Humana is a national leader in Medicare advantage plans but their co-payments tend to be more than Sierra Health Insurance.

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