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How North Western Mutual can lead you to Financial Freedom and Independence

Since it was started 154 years ago, the North Western Mutual Company has provided financial counseling services as well as various products that have clients to realizing their financial goals. Headquartered in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, the company provides products such as employee benefit services, annuities, mutual funds, disability insurance,

life insurance and long term care insurance. Consultation services are also offered on estate planning, investments, financial planning, asset and income protection and other personal needs.

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The company has gone from strength to strength since it was started. Now under the leadership of Chairman and CEO John Schlifske, NorthWestern Mutual is the largest provider of personal life insurance in the country. It has been ranked in the 112th position on the Fortune 500 list of companies with a $180 asset base. In 2012, it took the title of Most Admired Life Insurance Companies in a Fortune Survey.

One of the services that clients have found most valuable is the arm of the company that deals with wealth creation. The service is concerned with developing a financial blueprint for wealth creation for clients. Guidance is also given on maintaining wealth by assisting clients to identify, develop and implement effective strategies for wealth management that are in line with the financial goals that one has set for themselves. Clients also have complex issues broken down for them so that one can understand broader factors that affect their choices like the economy.

Also tackled in the issue of a leaving a legacy to loved ones. Being able to do so depends on how well one has prepared and planned and how well they carry out the plan. The legacy that one leaves can be broadened to supporting charities that one believes in. Estate planning is also covered under wealth management.

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Other investment options that clients are advised on are unit investment trusts, treasury bills, stocks, money market fund accounts, custodial accounts, certificated of deposit and bonds.

North Western also offers services to corporations. It consults and guides them about investments like mutual funds, education funding, 529 plans and the Coverdell savings account. Corporate clients are also advised on tax matters such as filing IRA returns accurately and making claims for refunds on business expenses.

The company also runs the Northwestern Mutual Foundation through which it carries out various community service projects. These are aimed to giving back to the community and this is done by the foundation giving financial support and by employees volunteering to work on various community development projects. Donations are also made to at least 26 charitable organizations all around the country in honor of 26 financial representatives working in the company. $3.5 million has been donated to date. The foundation also holds an annual contest that draws participants from at least 11,599 employees and interns nationally.

The North Western Mutual Company is a market leader in its field and its success means the financial success of every individual and company that looks to them for guidance and expert advice. Both the company and its clients keep matching forward to greater heights of prosperity in every aspect of their finances.

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